Lower initial investment

No hardware tie in

Club licence from £149 / €170 / $200

Available Purchase Options

Licence Only
You may wish to purchase the hardware yourself and install the software on your PC and each tablet.
As part of your licence fee we are happy to provide support with the install if required. Once installed on the computer, the in-built help explains how to install the app on to each tablet.
Complete Package
We purchase and configure all the equipment you will need and include a licence for one year.
The pre-configured package can be customised as required. Additional tablets can be added or removed for a per item cost. If you already have a laptop to use then we can provide just the tablets and router ready to go.

Example Complete Package

A complete ten table solution, pre-configured and ready to go for £1200


Ten 7″ Amazon Kindle Fire tablets ('without Special Offers' version)
A charger for 10 tablets so you can charge all at the same time from one plug socket
A protective carry case for tablets and router
A WiFi router
A tablet cleaning kit
A USB memory stick
First year subscription licence

A pre-configured Dell 15'' laptop is charged at a further £300.
Additional tablets are £60.


We use a yearly subscription pricing model which includes helpdesk support and application updates.

A club licence, including support and updates, starts from less than £3 per week.

Licences are based on the average number of tables your club plays per week.

Editions and Pricing

Our licences are based on the average number of tables your club plays per week. e.g.

One session a week and up to ten tables requires our 'Small' licence.
Two sessions a week of eight tables (sixteen tables per week) would require the 'Medium' licence.
Three sessions a week of five tables (fifteen tables per week) would require the 'Medium' licence.
56p per week
Up to 4 tables per week
Less than £3/wk
Up to 10 tables per week
Less than £5/wk
Up to 30 tables per week
Less then £7/wk
Over 30 tables per week


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