Wireless Scoring For Duplicate Bridge

Works with any scoring system on your laptop

Table top units are standard low cost tablets

Club licence from £149

Full Touch Screen Interface

Use a full sized tablet for a better experience.

Enjoy a simple and straight forward interface.

Say goodbye to low resolution monochrome screen.

ArcScorer on a 7'' tablet significantly reduces errors in scoring results.

Works with any scoring system

Keep your current scoring software and the features you already use.
ArcScorer uses the standard interface for electronic scoring so it works with any scoring system.




Runs on your Windows laptop

Runs on any modern Windows laptop alongside your scoring program.
This will launch ArcScorer in just the same way as it launches other wireless scoring software.

Uses standard off-the-shelf equipment

You need a 7'' tablet per table, a standard WiFi router plus a Windows laptop. No high cost specialist equipment is required.

Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iOS or Google Android tablets can be used.

Out of the box settings will work. Should something break, it is quick and easy to replace.

Installing on your laptop should only take a few minutes and built in help includes demos to show you how to install the app on each tablet. We can provide help and remotely install the software on your laptop if wish.

No App Store Required

The Android tablet app can be installed without the requirement to have an App Store account.

Install updates without connecting each device to the Internet.

No need to register all devices under your personal account.

Simple and Quick Updates

No need to download separate tablet updates and upgrade them individually, saving you hours in time and hassle.

Simply update the computer software and the tablet software is automatically updated as well the next time you use them.

Enter Names

Use either your scoring program or the EBU user database. Enter first name, last name, initials or number.


Clearly see which table to move to, if your orientation will change, where to send boards, names of players expected on the table and if you are sitting out.


Instantly check your result against others including N/S percentage.

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I normally stay away from the wireless scoring system.
This is so clear and simple to use plus I don't need to wear my glasses.
I'm not afraid to use it.