Frequently Asked Questions about ArcScorer

Below are the most common questions and answers about our software.

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What is ArcScorer software?

This is a Microsoft Windows application which is installed on your laptop. When it is running it communicates with the tablets over a standard WiFi network to record the results of each board. The results are then sent to your scoring program e.g. ScoreBridge.

What is required?

You will need:

An 7'' Android / iOS tablet per table
A laptop running Windows with a scoring program such as ScoreBridge installed
A WiFi router (an Internet connection is not required - see below)

What is a WiFi router?

The router is a standard hardware device which provides the wireless network so that your computer can communicate with each tablet. Our system does not require an Internet connection.

We recommend that you do not use an existing public WiFi network for this system for both security and performance reasons i.e. one provided by the venue.

Minimum specification for tablet devices?

The tablet software has been optimised for a 7'' screen. This provides the clearest interface without the device being too big for the table. We recommend:

7 inch screen tablet
Android OS v5 or above / Apple iOS / Kindle Fire

ArcScorer does work on Android v4 however as this is now very old software we recommend that if you are purchasing new tablets you buy version 5 or above.

Minimum specification for computer?

The laptop needs to be running Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Will the app work on an iPhone or iPad?

ArcScorer for iOS is available. You can download this from the Apple App Store for free. The app requires ArcScorer installed on your scoring computer.

Get it on Amazon AppStore
Get it on Google Play

Can I use different types of tablet / device?

You can use different devices in your setup. The app interface is the same on Amazon Kindle, Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

The appstore software will enable clubs to add to their set for special events or evenings when a extra table are expected. Additionally the scorers may wish to carry their personal iPad/iPhone around with the director pages open.

We hope that those wishing to trial ArcScorer before making a decision will find it easier to do that now the software can be used on an iPads.

Should I install the tablet app from an app store or via the computer?

We have made the app available in all the app stores so it easier for home and trial users to install.

The standard club setup requires ten or more tablets so we make the app downloadable from the computer that ArcScorer is installed. Therefore you do not need to register each device to your app store account and connect to the Internet for future updates.

The choice is yours if you are setting this up yourself depending on which you feel is easiest and the app is exactly the same.

If you are using iOS you have to use the Apple App Store for the install due to their security requirements.

What scoring software is supported?

ArcScorer uses the standard interface for wireless electronic scoring so it works with any scoring system.

We have tested ArcScorer with ScoreBridge, EBUScore and PairsScorer.

How do you licence the software?

We charge a yearly subscription which includes support via our Helpdesk and all updates to the application.

The licence required is based on the average number of tables you play per week not per session. See Pricing page for examples.

The licence is based on your average table numbers for the year therefore a special event where you may have two more tables than normal would be okay.

How do I install the software?

When an ArcScorer licence is purchased, you will receive clear instructions to explain how to install the software.

The computer software should only take a few minutes to install. Once installed, the software has built in help which includes demos and instructions how to install the app on each tablet.

The WiFi router can be used with out of the box settings. You just need to connect the computer and tablets to network.

If you prefer, we can connect to your computer remotely and install ArcScorer and talk you through the app install.

Do you offer a trial?

You will need the required hardware as stated above which is a tablet per table, WiFi router and a computer.

We can also install the software on your computer if you prefer.

For testing at home you can use your current home wireless network. You just need a computer with scoring software and at least one tablet.

Please read the Home Version page for what is required to use for trial in a home environment.

Please contact us and we can arrange a month trial licence.

How do I transport and charge the tablets?

As part of our pre-configured package we provide a protective carry case for the tablets and router.

The case holds the tablets, the router, router power supply and usb charging block which enables charging of ten tablets simultaneously.

Our testing has shown that the tablets use 25-30% of their charge during an average three hour session. The re-charge time for this is around 80 minutes.

What happens if the computer crashes?

Scores are sent from the tablet to ArcScorer on the laptop as soon as the result is accepted. ArcScorer immediately saves this information into a database which your scoring software reads.

ScoreBridge in this case, reads the data and stores it in its own database. Should the computer restart, ScoreBridge can re-load your event and re-start ArcScorer. You can then continue with the event without any data lost.

Can I swap a tablet?

In the unlikely event a tablet fails mid-event, you can easily replace it.

Another tablet is setup to download the current round information for the table and then you continue as normal.


WiFi is simply a wireless computer network so all devices on it can talk to each other.

Don't confuse it with a public WiFi network such as one provided by a coffee shop.

Our software does not require an Internet connection.


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