Home Edition

Use ArcScorer at home for small and social events

Use the tablet you already own

Home edition for £29

Apple Or Android Devices

Using ArcScorer at home is now much easier as you can use the tablets you and your friends already own.

Amazon Kindle Fire
Apple iPad
Google Android Tablet

Cost Effective Scoring

Our Home Edition is great for small events that you host in your house, allowing up to four tables per week for just £29 per year.

By using the computer and tablet(s) you already own costs are reduced considerably allowing you to have wireless scoring for your small friendly home events.

Friends can bring along their tablets so you have one per table removing the need to purchase additional hardware.

Home Setup

You need a computer, a WiFi router and one tablet per table.

A computer connected to your home router and running ArcScorer plus a scoring program such as ScoreBridge, EBUScore or PairsScorer.

Your home router provides the WiFi network for the tablets to connect to your computer
e.g. a BT Hub or Sky Hub.

One tablet / smartphone per table.
Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iOS or Google Android tablets can be used. You can mix and match device types, the app interface is the same.

Download Apps

Download the apps for use with Home Edition or to use your own tablet at your club.

Get it on Amazon AppStore
Get it on Google Play

Please note that the app is not a standalone product and requires the ArcScorer computer software plus a current subscription licence.